Who We Serve


Your expert Brightworth advisor will address key issues to help preserve your lifestyle and the fruit of your life’s work during retirement.


Our Brightworth team offers high-level critical thinking and expert wealth counsel related to your business strategy.


Your trusted Brightworth team will watch out for you and help you make wise and thoughtful decisions to bring confidence, security, and peace of mind to you and your loved ones. 


The Brightworth team understands the unique withdrawal and spending requirements that make foundations and endowments different from other long-term investments.

Athletes & Entertainers

Due to the nature of your talents, accumulating wealth and increasing the probability of long-term financial independence requires a unique strategy for wealth management.


It is important for trust grantors and beneficiaries to connect with someone who understands the family’s priorities as well as the purpose and goals of the trust(s).


Retirement plans have unique funding and withdrawal requirements that drive the implementation of a long-term investment approach and a sophisticated ongoing liability management strategy.

Professional Service Providers
Physicians, Attorneys, CPAs

At Brightworth we have extensive experience working with professional service providers in and around Atlanta, including attorneys, physicians, and Big 4 CPA partners.

Corporate Executives

As a successful executive, you have mastered the ability to design and execute financial strategies. You understand that delegating to experts can bring enormous value to both your professional and personal life.