Retiring Well Book Recommendation: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Retiring Well Book Recommendation: Atomic Habits by James Clear


Retirement is not a single transition in life. It actually represents a series of major life transitions over the course of multiple decades. These changes require adjustments to many elements of your daily life. Many habits, built over 30+ years of work life, can suddenly shift or become counterproductive. And many new habits will be required of your new phase of life.

But as we know, building good habits and breaking bad habits sounds easy, but it's surprisingly hard in practice for most of us. We often try to make a significant change too quickly. However, in the book Atomic Habits, James Clear explains how tiny changes in your behavior, performed and repeated over and over again, can become habits that lead to dramatic changes in your life. I read this book last year and would highly recommend it to anyone nearing or in retirement.

Most productivity books you have read probably centered around your work life. Read Atomic Habits and think about your elements of retirement and the multiple phases of retirement. What bad habits will you need to break and what good habits will you need to create?

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