Business Transitions Academy

The Business Transitions Academy

The Business Transitions Academy is designed for business owners who are not quite ready to enter a full exit planning engagement. The Academy is a six-session program for business owners to navigate the 5 phases of transition. Enrollment is limited to 10 owners to facilitate information and focus on individual student needs.  

Custom assessments completed by each participant prior to each session uncover each business owner's unique situation and prepare them for each academy session. Each business must have a current or future value of over $10,000,000. 

We respect that you’re busy. The two-hour sessions are held every month from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm with lunch included, plus a final “graduation” dinner session.   


Session 1 will focus on the assessment phase of the five-phase business transition process and will provide a baseline for the business owner’s journey through the transition process. Brightworth custom assessments will be introduced. 
Session 2 will focus on foundational issues for successful transition to include the legal structure of the business, business continuity and asset protection. We will discuss sample recommendations from the assessments completed by the group after the first session. 
Session 3 will focus on key value drivers that help maximize and protect enterprise value. The key value drivers we will explore in this session are strength and motivation of the management team, cash flow improvement planning and optimization of financial statements.
Session 4 will continue our focus on key value drivers that help maximize and protect enterprise value. The key value drivers we will explore in this session are growth and strategy planning to improve top line revenue, documentation of operating processes and diversification and strength of the customer base.
In Session 5 we will transition our discussion to the sales process. We will discuss internal and third party sale processes and dynamics. The second hour of this session will include a panel discussion with the following: Investment Banker/Broker, Transaction Attorney, Transaction CPA and Business Owner who recently went through the sales process.
In Session 6 we will discuss the transition from entrepreneur to investor and the difficulties encountered in the transition. We will address investment portfolio planning, preparation of family members for new liquid wealth, often referred to as “family governance”, and the emotions around selling your most prized asset.


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