Retiring Well

Retirement is a big change. 

Are you prepared?

Let us be your guide. 




Retiring Well at Brightworth provides counsel, resources, and community to help you prepare for, and thrive in your retirement years. 



What is Retiring Well?

  • Our mission is to provide the resources and community that empower our clients to prepare for and thrive in their retirement years. 
  • The pre- and post-retirement years phase contains a highly-concentrated number of major life transitions that often have a significant impact on personal and financial decisions.
  • We'll help answer the question, "How do we make sure not to outlive our savings, and at the same time, not under-spend our experiences?"

Our Latest Content

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Widows with wealth: Managing money after losing a spouse

There are an estimated 11.2 million widowed individuals across the nation, according to the U.S. census, most of them women. Those who are affluent often initially face one of two financial challenges: having too little cash or too much. Here are the four steps you should take in the first year as a widow to manage cash well...



The Elements of Retirement Self-Assessment

No matter how successful you have been, there are always areas that could use some improvement. Think about your health, work, money, and relationships. We have identified 10 elements of life in retirement to consider. Where are you currently thriving, and where are you merely surviving? What parts of your life have you ignored in order to focus your attention elsewhere? What areas could you use your wealth to help improve? 

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Wealth Counsel for Retirement 

Click here to see how we can help guide you through the numerous life transitions and decisions you will face before and during your retirement years.


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Resources for Retiring Well

Click here to access our curated collection of articles, podcasts, videos, and white papers to help equip you for the journey of retirement.



Community in Retirement 

Click here to learn about opportunities to connect with others through educational and social events hosted by Brightworth. 


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3 Steps to Retiring Well

1. Schedule a 30-minute conversation. 

2. Have a listening session. 

3. Develop a custom plan.



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