Film One Scene at a Time

Film One Scene at a Time

It’s late winter: my least favorite time of the year. Since I hate the cold, the weather is kind of miserable. Football is over. And of course, friends on diets are not as much fun to dine with. However, one bright spot is awards season.

I find the award shows to be pretty entertaining, as well as some of the outfits. I love seeing the shows and movies I watched win, and I enjoy learning about shows I did not know about.

As I watch the joyous and… well, less than joyous faces at these events, I think about what motivated them to create their craft. Some are motivated by awards. Some are just motivated because they are artists and want to create what they believe is greatness. And others, of course, are motivated by dollar bills.

What motivates you, other than a New Year’s resolution that is sure to fade out as the year progress? Personally, my biggest motivator is myself. There is nothing more satisfying to me than hitting goals I’ve set. I want 2019 me to do better than 2018 me. I can’t imagine my life without striving to be better.

As an advisor, I like my clients to have their goals as well. Typically, I like these goals to be short-term in nature each year, and to be very achievable. Yes, we have long-term goals, whether paying for a child’s college education, being able to retire by certain age, or just being debt-free. However, breaking down the long-terms goals into smaller goals usually helps us reach the big milestones. For instance, if your big financial goal is to be able to retire by a certain age, then it is important to understand what you should be doing now - and each year thereafter- to accomplish that.

I hate this cliché, but it kind of fits…Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your goals don’t have to be accomplished in a day, or even a year. The important thing is to set goals, make progress and keep at it. Doing nothing will not produce results. As Mark Twain famously said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” That’s a wrap!