Retiring Well: Closing the Technology Gap

One thing that has become abundantly clear through the pandemic is the fundamental role of technology in our lives. Technology has helped to bridge some of the gaps between us, our loved ones, and our communities.

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Two More Financial Issues Every New Parent Needs to Address

The decision of whether to return to work and setting up an estate plan are two of the most important financial decisions a parent needs to make. Patricia Sklar discusses both topics in this article.

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Charitable Giving in Up and Down Markets

Episode 13 of Taking Stock with Lisa Brown is Charitable Giving in Up and Down Markets.

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Downsized During the Pandemic and Losing Your 6-Figure Job

Episode 12 of Taking Stock with Lisa Brown is Downsized During the Pandemic and Losing Your 6-Figure Job.

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Preparing for Parenthood? Don’t Forget These Three Financial Steps

The US is one of few countries without national paid maternity leave. While the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guarantees 12 weeks of job-protected time off, this law only applies to public agencies, public and private elementary and secondary schools, and companies with 50 or more employees.

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The Real Estate Market Amidst the Pandemic

The tenth episode of Taking Stock with Lisa Brown is The Real Estate Market Amidst the Pandemic.

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Financial Market Update: June 2020

Volatility is back! Last week the stock market suffered one of its worst declines in months leaving many investors questioning if the rally from the March lows has come to an end.

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The “Ostrich Mentality”: Helpful or Hurtful?

man putting head in sand like ostrich

When it comes to your financial lives, ignorance isn’t always bliss, especially when it leads to procrastination, avoiding hard decisions, and not accepting the limitations of your resources. Living in ignorance or denial is not a healthy, long-term posture for financial success.

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Reopening Your Business in a Covid-19 World

masked workers cleaning tables outside a restaurant

On Thursday, May 7, 2020, the Brightworth Business Exit and Transition Services (BETS) Team hosted a webinar for business owners with Jonathan Minnen, an attorney with Smith, Gambrell and Russell.

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Financial Market Update: May 2020

bull and bear figures on balance beam

Last month stocks delivered their best monthly return since 1987 with the S&P 500 rising 13%.  Stocks have built on these gains marginally in May, pushing the index up 34% from its March low and down less than 9% for the year.  Keep in mind this comes on the heels of a 31.5% return in 2019.

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